FinishING Borders/ Wall Base
Finish Borders/ Wall Base

Once you've decided on commercial flooring, walls and other major elements, how do you tie them all together to everyone's satisfaction? You rely on an integrated system that provides real balanced choice. Much like the glue that binds different pieces, finishing borders (wall base) help pull all these elements together, working hard to make people feel comfortable and in control. And allowing you to achieve the ideal balance of aesthetics, function and lifetime return.

Aesthetically, there are far more choices available today. More profiles, more colors and more finishes than ever before. Making it possible to create the look you're after, whether it's subtle or striking. Or somewhere in-between. Check out all of our finishing borders (wall base) solutions on the Design A Space Visualizer at Coordinate wall base profiles and colors with your rubber or vinyl flooring space.

Beyond aesthetics, finishing borders (wall base) are designed to perform well, too. For safety, we offer photoluminescent wall base to aid in egress routing. For modular designs, there's rePLACE®, a wall base that's hung on a track so it's easy to install, remove and reinstall in little time and with less disruption. To help keep projects on time and budget, patented TightLock® can be installed before the flooring. And Millwork® lets you bring in the rich look of wood without the high cost of installation or maintenance. So everyone's happy. And the bottom line looks good.

Flip through the next few pages. Whatever you ask of a finishing border (wall base), our system can deliver. And it's just one part of a complete high-performance system, offering every element needed to complete your space right down to the very last critical detail.