johnsonite tarkett neocon 2014

You Came. You Saw. You Coordinated.

What an amazing 3 days in Chicago and with all there was to see and do, we appreciate your time spent with us while visiting the show. You experienced our newest innovations such as GemStone™ SVT, Melodia 2.0 & Aria 2.0, Minerality and our new rubber textures ALL COMING SOON! With The Ultimate Flooring Experience, you can truly bring the whole experience together with an innovative, integrated system of flooring solutions available in a coordinating palette of colors and textures complimented with matching finishing accessories and borders. Whether you are involved with healthcare, hospitality, education or retail, you are faced with competing needs within a space. With Balanced Choice, we'll help you connect the dots and find the perfect solution that will perform well and "wow" at the same time.

Now you can get even more out of the world’s most integrated flooring system. Coordination comes standard with Tarkett Johnsonite. From rubber, vinyl, linoleum and finishing accessories, our floors are designed to speak to each other or make a statement individually.

Use our coordinated system to develop spaces that work in any segment, room to room, floor to floor.
A system that coordinates color and pattern. That balances form and function. Sustainability and performance. Which helps you balance all of the choices and priorities within a space. Our integrated system is built around an idea that we call Balanced Choice. It's at the heart of every solution we create.

When spaces come together, people do too, and it’s a beautiful experience.
Be the first to see how our newest innovations come together and spark your imagination.

Our Newest Innovations

COMING SOON - GemStone™ SVT, Melodia 2.0 & Aria 2.0 colors, Minerality and other rubber textures.

GemStone™ SVT
Inspired by all that shines, GemStone Solid Vinyl Tile combines the look of precious materials with the characteristics of resilient flooring. Shimmering metal or glass-look mottle chips add depth and luxury in a natural stone-like appearance. Offering a rich visual of metallic and glass colors, GemStone has an increased binder content to improve durability and maintenance requirements.
  New Melodia & Aria Colors
Available in both sheet flooring and 24” X 24” tiles, the Melodia and Aria vinyl tiles offer subtle non-directional design, making them ideal for use in healthcare applications. As homogeneous solutions, the Melodia and Aria offer infection control protection and improved indoor air quality, both essentials in the wellness environment. The construction of the tiles lessens environmental impact.
Inspired by the rich, organic look of natural wood and stone, Minerality Rubber Tile and Plank brings a stretched, streaked and striated visual. Available for specification in both squared rubber tile and rectangular plank offerings, the versatile Minerality combines an understated, classy sophistication with the performance luxuries of a rubber flooring solution.
  New Rubber Tile Textures
Brushed, Concrete and Leather Textured Rubber Tiles balance the functional benefits of rubber flooring with the natural look of brushed aluminum, hand-troweled concrete and tooled leather finishes. The ability to replicate metallic designs and other rich mineral looks is a significant innovation in rubber flooring, offering a material that brings a uniqueness and luxury to each individual tile.


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