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Tarkett SureStart

Industry thought leader, Tarkett, has set a new high-level standard with a product that combines fast install, substantial acoustic sound reduction with moisture impermeability performance. Introducing the newest innovation in resilient flooring underlayment, SureStart™. This easy to install solution mitigates moisture and acoustic concerns all in one product! Customers, facility managers, property owners, & space occupants won’t have to compromise when choosing a universal underlayment solution to address space concerns.

SureStart’s industry leading product specifications deliver added acoustical comfort with a delta IIC reverberation reduction rating of 17 for the product itself and an overall floor to floor IIC of 66, surpassing many other underlayment products on the market. SureStart also delivers an STC of 63. Additionally, SureStart’s moisture impermeability mitigation qualities outperform the rest. Surestart provides a unique moisture impermeability barrier, dramatically slows moisture & water vapor from passing through the underlayment to the finished flooring. It can be installed over concrete with an RH (relative humidity) of 99% 10lbs / 1000ft 2/24hrs. 7 - 11pH. SureStart™ is also an excellent solution for typical wood subfloors similar to what you’d find in single or multi-family residential construction. Beyond performance, installation is easier than ever with SureStart. Just roll it onto your surface and you’re ready to go. Eliminate minor surface repair stim coats, saving labor time and cost!

In an effort to create healthier spaces, SureStart is CRI certified for low emitting VOCs, contributing to improved indoor air quality. It is also recyclable as part of the Tarkett ReStart reclamation program. In commercial spaces where time and budgets matter, one thing is for sure – SureStart underlayment is the ideal solution for LVT installations.

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