Product Specifications
Product Specifications
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Rubber Flooring
Solid Color, Speckled & Circulinity Rubber Floor Tile
Prima Marbleized & Olio Rubber Floor
Folio Rubber Tile
Cork Rubber Tile
Eco-Shell Rubber Tile
Mesto Configuration Rubber Tile & Plank
Mesto Rubber Tile
Metallurgy Rubber Tile
Microtone Rubber Tile

Minerality Rubber Tile
Defiant Oil & Grease Resistant Tile
Arcade Rubber Sheet

Sports and Multifunction Flooring
Triumph Multi-Functional & Sport Floor
Inertia Multi-Functional & Sport Floor
Replay Multi-Functional & Sport Floor
Training Multi-Function & Sports Floor
Vent Cove Wall Base

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Planks
ID Freedom LVT
ID Inspiration LVT
ID Patriot LVT

Vinyl Flooring
Acczent Vinyl Sheet
Acczent Wood Acoustiflor Sheet
Acczent Wood Safe-T 
Azrock Azterra Tile
Azrock Color Essence Tile
Azrock Cortina Grande Tile
Azrock Karim Kolors
Azrock Karim Shapes
Azrock TexTile
Azrock VCT Tile
Contract Plus
iQ Granit and Optima Sheet & Tile
Granit Safe-T Sheet
iQ Optima Acoustiflor Vinyl Sheet
iQ Naturals Homogeneous Sheet
Melodia and Aria Homogeneous Sheet Floor
Marbled Safe-T Vinyl Sheet
Ruby Heterogeneous Sheet
Space Modular Vinyl Tile

Modular Systems
Space Modular Vinyl Tile
Triumph UnderLock
Inertia Underlock
rePLACE Demountable Wall Base

Harmonium xf Linoleum Sheet
Veneto Acoustiflor Linoleum Sheet

Specialty Applications
Acczent Wood Acoustiflor Sheet
Acczent Wood Safe-T
Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant
FloorKeeper Entrance Matting
Granit Safe-T Sheet
Granit SD and Toro SC ElectroStatic Tile
iQ Optima Acoustiflor Vinyl Sheet
Marbled Safe-T Vinyl Sheet
Tarkolay Loose Lay Underlayment
Terra Turf Entrance Matting
Veneto Acoustiflor Linoleum Sheet


Finishing Borders-Wall Base
BaseWorks Thermoset Rubber Wall Base
Masquerade Wall Base
Millwork Contoured Wall Base
rePLACE Demountable Wall Base
Sanitary Wall Base
TightLock Wall Base
Traditional & Perceptions Wall Base
Vent Cove Wall Base

Finishing Accessories
Vinyl Corner Guards
Cove Caps
Track Base Mouldings
Wheeled Traffic Transitional Mouldings
Tub Mouldings
Subfloor Leveler System
Expansion Joint Seal Moulding
Tactile Warning Strips
Quarter Round Mouldings
Threshold for Carpet Mouldings
Chair Rail Moulding
Edge Guard Mouldings
Transition Mouldings
Reducer Mouldings
Resilient Shoe Moulding
Cove Filler Strip Mouldings
Feature Strips
Laminate Wood Flooring Transitional Mouldings

Stairwell Management
Vinyl Stair Nosings
Vinyl Stair Treads
Stringers and Risers
SlimLine Stair Nosings
Rubber Stair Treads

Spray Adhesives
120 SpraySmart Adhesive
122 SpraySmart Adhesive
130 SpraySmart Adhesive
140 SpraySmart Adhesive
150 SpraySmart Adhesive
#100 Clear Thin Spread Adhesive
#800 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
#905 Releasable Adhesive
#906 Conductive Adhesive
#925 Adhesive
#926 Arcade Rubber and Vinyl Adhesive
#930 Two-Part Epoxy Compund
#940 Adhesive
#946 Contact Bond Adhesive
#950 Linoleum Adhesive
#955 Linoleum Tile Adhesive
#960 Cove Base Adhesive
#965 Flooring and Tread Adhesive
#975 Two-Part Urethane Adhesive
#986 Terra Turf Adhesive
#996 Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive
Power Tape Adhesive System