Modular Systems
UnderLock Multi-Functional & sports Rubber Tile

UnderLock Sports & Multi-Function Flooring

 A portable reusable profile for Triumph and Inertia Commercial Rubber Flooring

A clever locking – and unlocking – installation system makes UnderLock an ideal solution in many multi-functional and sports applications. With a locking system hidden beneath the floor surface, UnderLock requires no adhesives, making them totally portable and resuable, yet suitable for both temporary and permanent installations.

Never before has installation been such a snap. In fact, anyone can put UnderLock tiles together easily – even over uncured concrete slabs. Changing out damaged tiles is also a breeze. For a more seamless, finished appearance, choose darker colors for their high seam-hiding ability. Or, consider creating a checker- board or geometric design when selecting colors in the lighter range.

Standard in the Inertia line and special order in Triumph, UnderLock interlocking rubber flooring tiles are not recommended for skate blade, free weight or golf spikes.


  • Fitness centers                     
  • Physical therapy rooms          
  • Retail, office and other public areas
  • Access Flooring                        
  • Daycare centers                  
  • Dressing rooms                       
  • Assembly and production areas   


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