Rubber Flooring
Folio Rubber Tile

Folio Textured Rubber Tile Flooring

Performance plus natural beauty equals Folio textured rubber tile flooring. Inspired by nature, Folio includes 6 playful foliage patterns that work alone or with other patterns. The splashes of light that hit the rubber tile will engage with the textures in various ways as one walks across the room. Anything is possible with Folio textured rubber tile, part of the world's most integrated, high performance system of flooring, finishing borders, transitions, stairwell solutions and more.

  • Available in 24" x 24" rubber tile
  • Folio patterns work alone and coordinate with other patterns
  • Combine Folio patterns to add insets and accents
  • Coordinating Rice Paper texture adds an overall organic feel


   Arbor           Branches         Botany           Seasons          Bamboo Leaf 

River Cane

Rice Paper          Hammered         Smooth


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