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SlideLock Glueless Flooring System

Johnsonite SlideLock Glueless Flooring System offers flexibility, speed, sustainability and return on investment. SlideLock installs easily and without adhesive. Tiles are easily removed, and reinstalled as needed. SlideLock can be a temporary or permanent solution for applications over access flooring or where the subfloor is not suitable for adhering tile. Finished with the flooring? Donate it to a charitable cause or return it to Johnsonite under the ReStart® Reclamation Program and have it repurposed into other products.

Tiles with Johnsonite’s patent-pending SlideLock design can be aligned in traditional fashion or offset to form unique patterns. Create checkerboards, zig-zags or other motifs that put your distinctive signature on the project, all with the ease of standard offerings. SlideLock is durable and slip-resistant. It provides an extra measure of comfort and sound absorption, which means people miss less work and you worry less about lawsuits. SlideLock tiles are constructed with a studded backing. There is less contact with the subfloor should contaminants and liquids be present. Using less material also lowers the amount of fossil fuel required for transportation.

SlideLock Gauge/Line Speckled Mesto Prima Marbelized & Olio Solid Colors
1/4" Inertia Standard Standard Special Order Special Order
3/8" Triumph Standard Standard Special Order Special Order


SlideLock is developed under the practice of Balanced Choice, meeting sustainability objectives through better raw materials, resource stewardship, developing people-friendly spaces and recycling/reusing. SlideLock’s unique composition does not contain phthalates, halogens or chlorine.

*STD = Standard Availability
*SO = Special Order

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