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Modular Systems
Modular Systems

Johnsonite® Modular Flooring

Multi-functional spaces, by definition, require a balancing act. The ability to quickly and easily reconfigure a space. Add or subtract elements. When it comes to flooring, we employ the principles of Balanced Choice to create innovative solutions that are modular. Solutions that simplify installation, allow for multiple design changes and create real lifetime return on investment.

We offer modular systems in a variety of material options, including rubber and vinyl. You can choose from many unique patterns and textures. Or create one-of-a-kind designs by mixing and matching, turning and quarter turning. Today, our modular flooring solutions enhance an ever-growing number of fitness, education, healthcare and corporate environments.

Multi-function is at the heart of modular design. It allows you to build one multi-purpose room in place of a gym and cafeteria. Design a conference room that turns into offices. Or a classroom that transforms into a workout area. Modular flooring can be installed, removed and reinstalled in no time.

Representing the ideal balance of aesthetics, multi-functionality and real return on investment, our modular systems coordinate with other elements in the system. Use with access commercial flooring systems to allow for simple and effective reconfiguration of electrical and data systems and interior space. Combine it with rePLACE® our demountable wall base, to create a space that works best for the people who use it today, yet is capable of transforming to meet their changing needs tomorrow. And who wouldn't be happy about that?