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One way to think of sustainability is to visualize a triple bottom line: people, the environment and economics. In order for products to be truly sustainable, they have to balance each component of the bottom line. If a product is only good for the environment, few people will use it.

Let’s say we offered a floor made from totally recycled content. But it wasn’t good for the people who use the space because it smelled funny. Or let’s say it smelled fine, but it had to be replaced every two years. Too disruptive and too costly.

Human Impact | Environmental Impact | Financial Impact

Johnsonite is an environmentally responsible company that considers the impact of raw material sourcing and recycling, pollution prevention, safe and efficient manufacturing systems, transportation, packaging and new product development. Johnsonite solutions contribute in the following ways:

  • Products contain Post Consumer and Post Industrial Recycled Content
  • Products contain Rapidly Renewable Materials
  • Most products manufactured within a 500 mile radius of the top 10 metro areas
  • Products have longevity reducing the need for replacement product
  • Products require little maintenance reducing chemicals and water used