Ruby Vinyl Sheet Flooring

When the budget is limited but an exciting design expression is still required, Ruby offers a new alternative. An exceptionally hard-wearing reinforced polyurethane surface treatment and 28mil wear layer, make this vinyl sheet flooring product one of the most resistant and durable commercial sheet vinyl products on the market. Whether you are looking for high chemical resistance or easy-to-clean properties, Ruby will help you to generate savings during the product’s lifetime and minimize the use of water, detergents and energy for the floor’s maintenance. The high wear-resistance and low-maintenance properties of Ruby, together with its versatile color offering make this flooring ideal for use in heavy traffic, commercial areas such as hospitals, schools, offices and retail applications.


  • Ruby has an added surface embossing to provide higher slip resistance to reduce the risk of slip/falls.
  • Ruby is available in 10 rich wood and 10 all-over pattern colors, which will create working environments that will motivate and inspire those in the space.
  • Ruby is manufactured in an ISO-14001 certified plant.
  • It contains 30% Pre-Consumer recycled content.
  • Ruby is Floorscore certified with TVOC levels ≤ 100µg/m3 and therefore contributes to good indoor air quality.





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