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Johnsonite University

Johnsonite University

Providing accredited continuing education courses which promote the professional development of all participants. Johnsonite currently offers courses at an online learning center or at a traditional classroom style education by a Johnsonite representative. Both options are free of charge. The online learning center is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Sustainability Continuing Education Course

  • Broaden the understanding of Triple Bottom Line and Balanced Choice
  • Clarification of organizations and certifications working to compare/contrast green products
  • Review sustainability advantages of resilient flooring options
  • Definition and explanation of the “Triple Bottom Line”
  • Descriptions of organizations and certifications
  • Overview of resilient flooring materials









The Language of Color Continuing Education Course


Selecting colors that match can be a challenge to design professionals, who will learn in this course, the language of color and a scientific numeric system for color control. Interactive exercises demonstrate the subjectivity of visual color selection and the factors that influence color. When specifying color the design professional will learn the importance of stringent color tolerances on raw materials, color checks at various stages of the manufacturing process as well as uniform numeric standards. By learning the science of color, and the importance of manufacturer controls, the design professional can eliminate costly project errors and meet design objectives.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define color and the factors that influence the perception of color.
  • Request color quality standards when specifying products from manufacturers
  • Specify colors using scientifically based numeric systems. 
  • Avoid project delays, costs and problems due to color selections.



Life Saving Design Continuing Education Course

  • Enhancing public safety and welfare through the integration of design and advanced egress-routing systems.
  • What is photoluminescence and how does it work?
  • How photoluminescent technology can be seamlessly integrated into designs through products that architects and designers specify every day.
  • How to convey the benefits of life-safety investments – including egress-wayfinding systems – to your clients?



Flooring Safety Continuing Education Course
Code requirements and guidelines for interior finishes.

  • Flooring safety is critical to space performance impacting the productivity of occupants and an organization’s bottom line
  • Understanding code requirements is critical to creating safe environments
  • Reducing slip/falls and tripping hazards can be achieved through proper material selection and maintenance  
  • Flooring Materials – Rubber Flooring - Contributes to a sustainable environment through:  
  • Incorporation of post-industrial scrap in production
  • Long life cycle 
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved well being of occupants 
  • Enhanced safety of occupants


Enhancing Return on High Performance Continuing Education Course

Enhancing Return through Flooring Provides an understanding of high performance environments by developing the position of interior space.
  • Strategic asset
  • The importance of investing in human capital
  • The role flooring can play in achieving business objectives and in generating lifetime return.

How to Specifying Resilient Flooring

Specifying the right floor for the appropriate application can be challenging. This presentation was designed to help you compare various resilient flooring options, and to explain how the right flooring choice can solve and prevent common concerns. Flooring has a major impact on productivity and economic returns in a space. Three major areas that contribute to productivity and high performance are considered in this course: safety, efficiency and motivation. Specific practical issues involved in each area are discussed in detail, including the tests and standards that measure performance. Pros and cons of major flooring types are also examined, along with the applications where each type can be best used.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate in detail three key concerns for selecting flooring that contributes to economic return by increasing productivity: safety, efficiency and motivation of building occupants and users.
  • Explain various types of industry testing methods that verify performance in each of these areas.
  • Compare advantages and disadvantages of different types of resilient flooring.
  • Determine which resilient flooring types are best suited to specific applications.









Johnsonite is registered with AIA and IDCEC/IIDA/ASID Continuing Education Systems. 

Johnsonite also participates in: 

  • ASTM Committees
  • ANSI 
  • National Safety Council
    AIA members will receive one Learning Unit Hour and one hour of Health, Safety and Welfare credit. IIDA & ASID Members earn 0.1 learning unit hour.