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Lots of companies claim they have no-wax floors. But read the fine print, and you’ll find they have no-initial-wax floors or no-wax-until-such-a-time-as-you-need-it floors. Only Johnsonite Granit and Optima with iQ construction never need wax or finish. Forever. Period.

That’s because iQ isn’t a topcoat or a wear layer. It’s a proprietary technology. And because you never wax or finish, iQ floors are great for your bottom line. Not just because they cost less to maintain but because they cause less disruption to the people who use the space.

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Less wax and finish mean better indoor air quality. And that means fewer chemicals being washed into our rivers and lakes. Managing a facility is a series of choices and trade-offs. Each path leads to a dozen consequences. Each with an impact on your bottom line, the people who use the space and the environment.

When it comes to resilient flooring, which path will you choose?