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Wood Oaks Junior High School

Located in Northbrook, IL, Northbrook School District 27 is a kindergarten through eighth grade school district serving 1,175 students. Their mission is to educate students to succeed in a changing world.

In June 2012, as part of a joint project through the PTA and School District, a mural was painted in the Commons area wall space at Wood Oaks Junior High School, part of the Northbrook School District 27. And while the mural was a beautiful addition to the school, there was something missing and the space didn’t feel complete. The conversation came up as the project was coming to a close concerning what type of wall base was going to be used as a finishing touch.

So, Director of Facilities at Northbrook, Doug Heurich, called on Harry Neumayer, Johnsonite Business Manager, to see how Johnsonite could help finish this project. Heurich and Neumayer have known each other for several years through their memberships in the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). And Johnsonite products have been used throughout the school district in the past. “Over the past eight years, we have done both renovations and additions to the schools in Northbrook School District 27 and have used Johnsonite wall base in a variety of those projects with great success,” Heurich said.

Realizing that the normal 4-inch base that had been used in this particular school previously wouldn’t work in this application, and from the artist’s perspective, would detract from the mural, Heurich contacted Neumayer to see what other options Johnsonite had to offer. Neumayer went to the junior high and met with Heurich to see what would best fit this application.

After meeting with Heurich and seeing the finished mural for himself, it was decided that Johnsonite would provide the school with 30 feet of SHU-40-A, the Shoe Moulding profile from the Wall ArtTM wall base collection. “We decided on the Shoe Moulding profile because it is 1.5-inches high versus a 2.5-inch wall base,” Neumayer said. The “low profile base, when attached to the wall, accomplishes what the wall base needs to do and still does not detract from the mural itself. In the end, the use of this specialty base provides an understated finish to this amazing mural,” Heurich said.

Even though it was a small donation of product, the brand experience the customers go through when dealing with Johnsonite products and the products themselves leave a lasting impression with everyone that keeps them coming back. “I have always been very pleased with both the performance and appearance of the Johnsonite products that I have used throughout the years on a variety of flooring projects,” Heurich said.


Project Facts


Country: USA

City: Northbrook, IL

Type of Project: Renovation

Installation Period: June 2012

Builder: Johnson Wholesale

Products Installed: SHU-40-A-Shoe Moulding profile




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