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Marcus Thomas Interior 2012 24
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Marcus Thomas

Established in 2000, Marcus Thomas is an integrated marketing communications agency located in Northeast Ohio. It is the result of the union between two of Northeast Ohio’s oldest and largest advertising and public relation firms, Marcus Advertising founded in Cleveland in 1946 and Ira Thomas Associates, founded in Youngstown in 1937. Offering advertising, public relations and research services; their client list includes Nestle, Akron Children’s Hospital, GE Lighting, Shearer’s and Tarkett, to name a few. Currently, Marcus Thomas employs 140 people (and 27 dogs) between their Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio locations.

In-house designers, Brian Roach and Laura Seidel consulted with Nash in picking out the majority of the color palette for the new space. “Choosing the color palette was an interesting part of the process as we wanted the color selection to match our identity” said Seidel. “We were looking for something bright and fun, while also keeping the look sophisticated.”

In total, 19,421 sq. ft. of Johnsonite flooring was used, along with 6,456 linear ft. of Traditional Wall Base and Finishing Accessories to finish off the space. “The moldings had been specked black at one point as the architects didn’t realize the color possibilities that were available with Johnsonite. Instead, Laura and I went around matching wall base to the adjacent flooring and wall colors for a more sophisticated look.”

“Our last space had carpeted offices and polished concrete floors in a large amount of the space. The acoustics bounced and we had several dog slip and falls due to the nature of the floor. With the new flooring you can feel the difference. It warms the space and the acoustics are incredible considering the size of the building,” added Nash. “We have a good history with Johnsonite and in hindsight I regret not incorporating more Johnsonite flooring into our old space.”


Project Facts


Country: USA

City: Cleveland, OH

Type of Project: New Construction

Installation Period: June 2011 - February 2012

Designer: Marcus Thomas

Architect: VMDO Architects

Flooring Installer: Lou Rittenhauser

Total Flooring Surface Installed: 19,421 sq. ft.

Products Installed: I.D. Premier Planks & Tiles, Traditional Wall Base, Finishing Accessories




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