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Malone University

Malone University is a private, faith-based Liberal arts college located in Canton, OH. With over 2,500 students living on the campus, the school's renovation of the dining commons needed to create a dynamic place for the campus community to dine and socialize as well as to support the everyday traffic and wear without any added maintenance.

A Dining Experience

Like a kitchen in a home, dining halls on college and university campuses often serve as a central hub for people to gather, socialize, relax and of course, eat. When Malone University began the renovation of its dining commons they wanted to create a dining experience – a place that was exciting and lively for current and prospective students as well as faculty and staff to gather and enjoy meals. To help create this atmosphere, the university was looking for a texture and color palette that transcended the institutional look of many dining halls, and instead provided a light and bright look for the Malone community. The resulting design uses bold colors—bright greens, oranges and yellows—which are incorporated from floor to ceiling. Because the colors were such a key element in the design, the university needed a floor that could match the paint, furniture and décor precisely. With over 40 colors and corresponding welding rods, Johnsonite's Optima homogenous sheet and tile flooring was selected for the project.

Resisting Wear

Because the renovation was for a dining hall, which already requires more daily maintenance than other facilities, the team needed a flooring product that would not entail several additional steps to keep the original finish. As a part of the larger Johnsonite family of homogeneous products, Optima provides unique characteristics such as high durability, greater density, better flexibility and less residual indentation. And, Optima requires fewer chemicals and less upkeep than other flooring products—a benefit to the consumer and to the environment. As the hall has been in use, Jim Palone, Director of Physical Plant at the university says the floor has been able to withstand the daily wear and tear of its intended use. "We see a lot of foot traffic as well as sliding chairs and tables on this floor," he said, "and yet the floor still looks quite new."

Creative Dining

Working in a college environment, the renovation was on a tight three-month summer construction schedule. Optima flooring was chosen for its varied color options as well as ease of installation, which insured that the project was completed before the start of the fall term. "The necessity of our timeline meant that we couldn't allow for any delays in the schedule and we didn't want to give up any details of our flooring design," said Kristin Maiorano, interior designer with Baker, Bednar, Snyder & Associates Inc. "Thanks to Johnsonite and the contractors all working together, we met our deadline and the pattern looks great."

Project Facts

Country: USA

City: Canton, Ohio

Type of Project: College Dining Hall Renovation

Installation Period: May-July 2009

Architect: Baker, Bednar, Snyder and Associates Inc

Designer: Kristen Maiorano

Service Provider: Canton Floors Inc

Total Flooring Surface Installed: 6,000 Square Feet

Products Installed: Optima