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Griffith Observatory

As the world leader in public astronomy, Griffith Observatory has been a beloved icon of Los Angeles since 1935. It has been known as a symbol of the community coming together, working towards peace and love. Through the years Griffith has educated over 70 million visitors on the heavenly bodies of the solar system.

In 2002, Griffith Observatory decided to close its doors for a complete renovation of its facility. Due to decades of use some of the original flooring throughout the observatory was in desperate need of repair. Griffith was interested in having an exact replica of the original colorways and turned to Johnsonite for a solution.

Johnsonite's Prima Marbleized rubber flooring was the answer to Griffith's problem. Brenda Levin from Levin and Associates Architects sent pieces of the original flooring in to Johnsonite's customization specialist as reference. To her surprise, we sent her samples of tiles that matched the original flooring perfectly. Griffith was able to retain parts of the original flooring by intermixing it with Johnsonite Rubber Tiles.

"Johnsonite was able to give the observatory the opportunity to restore its original 1935 look for their grand reopening," explained Mark Pin, Deputy Executive Director of the Friends of the Observatory. "It was important to us, and to the local community, to keep in tact the heritage of this historical building. We thank Johnsonite for giving us a warm and comfortable experience."

Project Facts

Country: USA

City: Los Angeles, California

Type of Project: Renovation of Public Building

Installation Period: 2002

Architect: Levin and Associates Architects

Products Installed: Custom Prima Marbelized Tiles, Stair Treads