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First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church is located in Brunswick, Georgia and has been serving the members of the community since 1855. The church opened its Educational Building in the 1950’s and, in December 2012, was looking to update the old Sunday school portion of the building. For the new flooring, Cortina Grande®, AzterraTM and Color EssenceTM were chosen for both the maintenance features and design capabilities.

Along with weekly church services, First Baptist Church Brunswick provides Sunday school classes for children ages 4 to 8 in the Educational Building, which is across the street from the church. The space needed a colorful, resilient flooring solution that could withstand the daily traffic of adults and children. With 60 to 75 students and 18 to 24 teachers moving throughout the space at any given time, the flooring also had to be something that could be easily maintained by the cleaning crew at the church. Cortina Grande, Azterra and Color Essence were chosen based on their maintenance qualities and design flexibility. And it even met the cost requirements of the space.

Patricia Crook, a life-long member of First Baptist Church Brunswick and also the interior designer on the project, said the church has a maintenance staff on hand, “but they are not commercial flooring professionals, so we needed something that would be easy for them to maintain. The Johnsonite products seemed to fit our needs perfectly, based on my research of the products,” she said.

Marjory Bosley, Johnsonite Solutions Development Consultant, and Mike Rappaport, Johnsonite Business Manager, went to the church after the product was installed in order to give the maintenance crew an overview of how to take care of the product.

Johnsonite’s iQ Optima and Granit products are no wax, no finish for life and allow the pet clinic to clean the floors in minimal time with only a mop and neutral pH cleaner, which allows them to reduce the overall maintenance costs while also reducing the disruption to the patients in this busy environment.

“They were pivotal to showing how best to maintain the floors,” Crook said. “We feel like now, based on their instructions and coming here to show us how to take care of the floors, we have the knowledge to maintain them properly. We have purchased the proper supplies they recommended, and that has really made a difference.”

The three products are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and are ideal for areas that do not receive constant maintenance.


Project Facts


Country: USA

City: Brunswick, GA

Type of Project: Sunday school classrooms and hallway

Installation Period: December 2013 - February 2013

Designer: Patricia Crook

Distributor: Johnson Wholesale Floors

Flooring Installer: Flooring Dimension

Products Installed: Cortina Grande, Color Essence, Azterra, Johnsonite Wall Base, Johnsonite Millwork




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